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Company Profile

We, YS Communication Service have started our interpreting service in 1996, to help Wanaka local business people to communicate with Japanese tourists for their necessity.

Gradually our providing services were shifting from general tourist sector to the medical area and we have been keeping to be the best in this specialized area.

Hopelessness of not understanding of even one word in a medical scene would not be so hard to imagine.

We can’t fix their illness but we can talk to the medical professionals on behalf of those who does not speak English.

So! If you need a help to help Japanese students, travelers, don’t wait. Just call us. We are only one phone call away.

Company Name YS Communication Service Ltd.
Office Address <Christchurch>
23 Shalamar Drive, Cashmere Christchurch 8022
4 Apollo Place, Wanaka 9305
Established November 2001
Director Yumi Sato
Service Areas
and Contents
Wanaka, Queenstown and Christchurch
Medical Interpreting Services
Medical Assistance Services
Business Bank Westpac Wanaka Branch
Phone Christchurch +64-3-331-7356
Fax Christchurch +64-3-331-7352
E-mail info@yscom.co.nz
HP www.yscom.co.nz